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Dave Smoot
David P. Smoot

David P. Smoot has an extensive business background and has been the founder of several companies. In 2003, he started Natawa, a company focused on providing infrastructure (water, sewage, and fiber-optic cable) for large real estate development projects. Recognizing the opportunity to apply new technology to these projects, in 2005 he founded AITI, to develop renewable energy solutions. Prior to those efforts, he founded two other companies and was president of Meridian Leasing, a company that purchased Mr. Smoot’s earlier start-up, Software Funding International, Inc. Mr. Smoot is the Senior Project Developer of Maricopa Bio Fuels. Dave Smoot currently oversees all project related business operations for Maricopa Bio Fuels.

Mr. Smoot was twice named a regional finalist to Ernst & Young’s and Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year award. He served on the boards of five well-known charities and is still active in two.

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