About Fabien Bertault

When I moved to Scottsdale from New York, we didn’t know anyone and had to establish a new network of friends and business partners in Arizona. I started looking for a group in North Scottsdale but couldn’t find one that was local and well attended. So in April 2003, 4 months after moving to DC Ranch in North Scottsdale, I launched Power Networking. Thanks to the support of DMB, DC Ranch developer, that saw my initiative as a great way to promote community ties, the group grew quickly and attracted many local business owners and entrepreneurs, including Rick Schroder, DC Ranch resident and actor / director, who was at the time looking for investors for his movie “Black Cloud”. In 2004, encouraged by the rising attendance at our monthly meetings, I decided to invite guest speakers who would inspire the group and share valuable business advice. Since then, we have invited many influential business leaders including Scott Kirby, President of US Airways, Bradley Casper, CEO of the Dial Corp, Michael Crow, President of ASU and Rick Welts, President of the Phoenix Suns.
Today, Power Networking meets 4 times a month for breakfast, lunch, happy hour and dinner, counts 130 annual members and attracts business leaders from a wide variety of industries. Each meeting is held in a luxurious setting with an offering of top-quality food and drinks and attendance is ever-increasing with an average of 40 to 50 members per event.

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